Katie Jones – a brief biography

As shy as I am about talking about myself, I think it’s something any new blogger should do.  I know I always like to read the bio’s of other bloggers.  I almost always go there first. Helps make them real to me.  Like we are both human and I am not alone on this crafting, writing journey.  So here we go…

I was born in Washington, DC in the 1970s.  Lived in Morningside, Md. (where Andrews AFB is located) until I was five.  Actually my grandparents lived there, too, so even though we moved, I spent a good part of my childhood there.  Think Mayberry or the Cleavers and that is what Morningside was to me.  Perfect place to grow up.  Parents moved us to Fredericksburg, Va. the summer before first grade.  Another wonderful and historic town located 50 miles south of DC.  Fast forward to college.  I graduated from James Madison University (Go Dukes!) with a BA in English.  Thought I wanted to be a teacher, but soon realized that kids were just scary.  Younger grades seemed like babysitting and older grades just frustrating.  God bless those who can teach!  So I did not pursue it and landed a job with a non-profit in McLean, Va. Loved it.  Got to work on planning large conferences all over the U.S. and doing research for members.   And I could walk to Tysons Corner Galleria for lunch and a bit of shopping.  Awesome!  I had met my hubby, Tom, a few months before and we were married in May 1998.  Lived in Northern Virginia initially, but moved to Fredericksburg after our daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, was born. I needed my family nearby.  Lack of sleep and a colicky baby was too hard to handle without them.  My husband’s son from his previous marriage, Douglas, came to live with us in 2000.  He is six years older than our daughter.  Our family was complete. 

We loved our time with family in the “Burg” and met the most amazing group of friends.  But the commute to DC was unbearable for my hubby.  Three to four hours a day on the road just wasn’t acceptable any longer.  Fridays in summer and holiday weekends made the traffic twice as bad. We made the difficult decision to move the family to the Cleveland, Ohio area.  This is where my husband’s family lives and we liked the area.   This move was incredibly difficult on all of us.  I missed my friends and family tremendously.  We did eventually settle in and are happy here.  We still miss our family and friends, but really do love it here in Ohio.  And the commute is only ten minutes now.  More on this in another post, though.

That’s my life in a nutshell.  I will expand on things as I go along.  As I am writing this I am thinking up new posts and trying to keep this simple. Here are a few “fun” facts, fun for me, anyway.  :) 

  • I am an amusement park junkie.  I spent a lot of time at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens growing up, but now spend my time at the amazing Cedar Point.  Favorite ride ever is a toss up between Alpengeist at Busch Gardens and MaxxAir at Cedar Point.
  • I am scared of moths, heights, and enclosed spaces.  I will not ride water slides that are fully enclosed.  Airplanes make me nauseated.  And moths send me screaming like a little girl.  It’s the fluttering I don’t like. 
  • For being a big scaredy cat, I am surprisingly fascinated by the paranormal shows of Syfy.  I have to tape them and watch them during the daytime, though.  Otherwise I would have bad dreams.  Ghost Hunters is my favorite.
  • England, Australia, and New Zealand top my list of international places I want to visit. 
  • I love broccoli and bacon.  Sometimes together.  And tiramisu makes me weak in the knees.  So good!
  • I am a proud mama to three cats and two golden retrievers. 
  • I spent the year after college living in Buffalo, NY.  I am still in love with that town.  Always will be.  Niagara Falls and proximity to Toronto are the icing on the cake.
  • And I love Twitter!

Thanks everyone.  That was kind of fun.  :)



About Katie J Designs

I am 30-something, married with two kids, two dogs, and three kitties. A daydreamer with visions of a successful sewing business. You know, the "get paid for doing what you love" job... I have been a stay home mom, a realtor, a property manager, and an admin assistant. I sometimes feel silly about it, but I have the opportunity to give this my best shot and that is what I am going to do. I would love to have you along for the ride. :)
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